Who we are

Toby is a product designer. He's also an engineer and geologist with double firsts and a PhD in Design and Innovation and Geology. In fact, he's a right smart-Alec. He worked for 20 years in oil exploration. The problem was, when he started man-made climate change was a theory. Twenty years later it was so obviously happening, and largely his fault, that he could no longer sleep at night. He's always been what these days is called a maker. And a moaner who was becoming increasingly frustrated by poorly designed, short life consumer goods that were making the journey almost directly from the Far East to western landfill. So in 2012 he retrained in product design and engineering. Toby tends to do the techy side of things using his knowledge of materials properties, computer aided design and manufacture, electronics and manufacturing methods.

a recreation of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours cover featuring the company's owners one of whom, even more inexplicably, has a pair of Christmas baubles hanging from his waistband

Have you figured out what that album cover is yet?

If you think any of our products look good you've probably got Kate to thank. She's the one with all the artistic, crafty and graphic design skills. With a first in Environmental Science and a PGCE she also has the unusual distinction of holding a doctorate in fossilised worm poo. You might find a design team with more years of design experience but we doubt you'll find one with more qualifications. And we've got the fossilised-worm-poo-design market absolutely cornered.

We've got a fully equipped workshop with design suite software, 3D printers, CNC machines, cutting, bending, joining and finishing machines that we design, build and test our prototypes in.

When you've worked out what album cover we're referencing, write your answer on a postcard and send it to: 'Fleetwood Mac Rumours competition, c/o Elephant Stone Limited, LE17 6ET, UK'.